Tere Stykalo, Larry Hrytsay, Don Tarrant, Lorne Eiffert, Jason Beyette, Jim Perchaluk, and Patti Eilers
Parkland Ukrainian Family Fund Receives Funding
May 31, 2022

When war broke out in Ukraine, we knew immediately that we had to do something to help. We committed to holding a fundraiser for the Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal, pledging to match the first $5,000 raised.

Thanks to the generosity of our community we were able to send $12,200 to the Red Cross for immediate help needed. See more about our support  We Stand With Ukraine.

We learned of the Parkland Ukrainian Family Fund at the same time that we began the Red Cross Fundraiser. We knew we wanted to support the fund as well. 

Thanks to the devotion and hard work of the committee going on behind the scenes, arrangements have been made to invite several families to our area. With a very strong Ukrainian culture right here in Dauphin, we hope to help families arriving to feel welcome and safe. 

Dauphin Co-op is pleased to donate $24,100 to help cover food and fuel for families arriving in Dauphin. We hope to give them a feeling of safety and security knowing the whole community is behind them and we care.

Dauphin Co-op has an Employee Volunteer Program where employees that volunteer in the community may participate in a quarterly draw for a $500 donation to a charity of their choice. Murray Lennartz volunteered well over 130 hours for Dauphin and District Snowmobile Club and Snoman Inc. last year. When his name was drawn as the winner, he chose to make the donation to the Parkland Ukrainian Family Fund on behalf of the Dauphin and District Snowmobile Club. The Club had wanted to make a contribution to the fund and were looking at ways to come up with the money since they are a non-profit organization. Murray winning the $500 donation worked out perfectly. The club was able to make a contribution to the fund and we are very proud to present Murray with a cheque to do so.

Pictured above: Larry Hrytsay, Tere Stykalo, Murray Lennartz, Don Tarrant, and Jim Perchaluk

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