Ste Rose Cardlock Accepts Visa & Mastercard 24/7
February 26, 2024

Pay at the Pump 24 hours a Day! 

Now available at Ste Rose Co-op Cardlock with Visa or Mastercard!

Cardlock holders are able to fill up at Dauphin or Ste Rose Co-op Cardlock locations, and now anyone with a Visa or Mastercard may fuel up at the Ste Rose Cardlock location and earn equity on your purchase.

Using Visa or Mastercard at  Ste Rose Co-op Cardlock

1. Insert your Visa or Mastercard.
2. You will be asked if you have a fuel access code. If you have a fuel access code, please enter it now. If you do not have a fuel access code press no and follow the prompts.
3. Read the slides to ensure you are informed of our site and what to do in case of an emergency. When you are finished reading the slide press next on the screen. (there is a total of 7 training screens that you need to press next).
4. Press confirm on the screen when obtaining a fuel access code. This will then print a receipt with your fuel access code for your specific credit card.
5. Reinsert the credit card and when prompted enter your fuel access code. Keep this code to use the next time your fill up with the same credit card.
6. Enter the pump # and press enter.
7. Enter the fueling amount in dollars. You can pre-authorize between $5 - $999
8. Enter member number, if you do not have a local co-op number then leave blank and press enter.
9. Enter your pin code for the credit card.
10. Insert the nozzle and lift the handle at the pump and begin fueling. 

When you have obtained your fuel access code it will remain the same across the co-op cardlock network. You won’t need to go through the training screens again unless you forget your code.

*When using Visa or Mastercard at the pumps, you are only able to use clear products, no dyed fuel.

**If you insert your cardlock card, the fuel will be automatically billed to your account. There will not be an option to pay with a Visa or Mastercard at the pump after the transaction.

Dauphin Co-op Gas Bars are open daily 6:30am-9:30pm.

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