Repurposed Rubber Landscape Options
July 13, 2021
If you want curbside appeal and don't want to break the bank  consider Shercom rubber landscape products to help you achieve your goals while promoting a sustainable future.

Mulch makes a beautiful accent to any yard. Shercom rubber mulch resists mold and repels insects. It won't have to be topped up each year and doesn't blow away in windy weather. Choose from black, red, brown or grey. 

Stackwell and Capstone edging is attractively stone-faced, stackable, durable, and bendable. It offers the look of stone with the weight and durability of rubber.

You will love the Signature Tiles for your patio space. See more at Shercom - Residential Landscaping

Speed bumps, curb ramps, parking curbs and more are also available. See below for details.

Learn more about Shercom Industries - Tire Neutral Commitment to help make an environmentally friendly choice. We are so proud to carry these innovative new products at our Dauphin and Ste Rose Home Centres.

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