Our Gift Card Fundraising Program helps local community groups and non-profits raise funds to support their activities and operations.
Fundraising With Co-op
February 28, 2020

Fundraising with Co-op

Our Gift Card Fundraising Program helps local community groups and non-profits raise funds to support their activities and operations.
Whether you’re raising money to help your sports team, dance crew, charity or travel club, Co-op is here to help!


We welcome applications from:
• Non-profit/registered charitable organizations exempt from taxation under the Canada Income Tax Act, whose programs and services benefit our community
• Not-for-profit community groups and youth organizations (Non-registered are also considered)

Please note that someone on your fundraising team must have a Co-op membership to participate in this program, and that your group’s purpose should align with our Co-op’s values:   Respect | Honesty | Service | Excellence

How it works:

Your group receives a percentage of the total amount of Co-op Gift Cards sold during your fundraiser.
1. Apply to participate at your local Co-op.
2. Pre-sell Co-op Gift Cards to your community supporters (we’ll provide the forms).
3. Send us a summary of your sales and we’ll invoice you for the discounted total.
4. Give us a cheque for your total order and complete a short survey.
5. Pick up and deliver your gift cards!

Gift cards are available in amounts of $25, $50, $100, and can be redeemed at any participating Co-op location in Western Canada.

Program Details:

• The minimum gift card order is $2,000 per fundraiser.
• Groups must provide payment in the form of a cheque from the organization. Personal cheques, cash, and credit cards are not accepted.
• Fundraising groups must be approved by Dauphin Co-op to participate in the program. Individuals, government agencies, profit-based organizations, third-party fundraising campaigns and groups that may have an adverse environmental impact are ineligible to participate.
• Equity is not earned on fundraising gift card orders.
• Groups can participate in our Gift Card Fundraising program once per fiscal year.


Your Co-op will undertake the following:
• Provide the organizer with the Fundraising Package, including forms needed for sales and tracking
• Review timelines for fundraising and payment with the organizer
• Issue a Completion Survey promptly upon receiving your Sales Summary Form and cheque
• Ensure gift cards are ready for group one week after Sales Summary Form and payment has been received (and Completion Survey submitted)
• Answer your questions relating to the program

You will undertake the following:
• Maintain a single point of contact for Co-op and keep in contact
• The contact person identified in the application will be the single point of contact for the program and will be the only authorized representative for discussing fundraising specifics after approval.
• Obtain, copy and distribute sales forms to your group
• Positively represent Co-op as your fundraising partner
• Collect forms and payment from your group after fundraising
• Complete the Sales Summary Form along with one cheque payable to your Co-op for your percentage of final gift card sales. A cheque payable to your Co-op must be included with the gift card’s Sales Summary Form when handed in.
• Fill out Co-op’s Completion Survey
• Distribute gift cards in timely manner

 Dauphin Co-op uses Do Some Good to power their application forms.  Apply Here!

Dauphin Co-op, like other community-minded businesses, receives numerous requests for donations. Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks to review your requests and respond. Dauphin Co-op works hard to assist in as many community organizations as possible, however due to the high volume of requests received, not all worthwhile proposals will be approved. Such a response does not reflect upon the value of your organization and the valuable service you provide.

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