Co-op Community Spaces funds Ste Rose School
June 18, 2019

Congratulations to our very own Ste Rose School on being one of 26 Co-op Community Spaces recipients in 2019! We are so excited to have another organization receive funding in our service area!
Co-op Community Spaces is dedicating $2 million to fund community projects this year. Funds of $25,000 up to $150,000 were available for projects. The Ste Rose School will be receiving the amount of $32,000!

Ste Rose Mayor, Rob Brunel stated, "Co-op's not just a place you go down the street and buy some lumber, pet food or supplies or to the Agro to buy some seed and fertilizer, but it's a place that emplys many people in our community and as you can see today, gives back to our community."

"It's been a very exciting time for Ste Rose School. Our playground is used. I've seen people here at 7o'clock in the morning right until dark, so it was very exciting for us when we heard about this grant. Our discussion with our teachers has always been about outdoor play and learning and that vision continued into an outdoor classroom approximately four years ago. One of our staff members, Sayla Ogg, graciously took on this venture so I thank her very much for that. We're so excited! Ste Rose School is very fortunate that Co-op believes in our vision and that they were able to see our vision when we applied for that grant. We are very thankful that they provided this opportunity and the funds to finish our outdoor space. We are very thankful to the Co-op for the generous donation."  Rhonda Buchanon, Principal at Ste Rose School.

The funds will be used to create a Nature Playground and Outdoor Classroom at the Ste Rose School to ensure the K-4 classes spend as much time outside as possible. “We are guided in this project by the Canadian Earth Day philosophies that state outdoor play is the foundation of environmental education and action.” Sayla Ogg, Ste Rose School.
The object of the project is to create an evolving Nature Playground including:
• a covered gazebo for a gathering spot for classes and facilitate outdoor learning in any weather conditions
• natural landscaping and elements to climb and crawl
• trees and shrubs
• a water feature in the sandbox
• picnic tables as places to play and work together

This project is located in a central area of Ste Rose, fully accessible and is a meeting place for students and families. The project will allow for families to be active together, and for mentors to teach students about planting, harvesting and food storage.
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