Co-op Community Spaces Funds Community Toboggan Run
June 15, 2021

As provinces across Western Canada take steps to re-open, Co-op Community Spaces is funding projects that will help bring our communities back together.

Co-op Community Spaces is dedicating $1 million to fund community projects in Western Canada this year. Funds of $25,000 up to $150,000 were available for projects. 

This year, Co-op is providing $115,000 to develop the Co-op Community Toboggan Run in Dauphin. Future development plans include an outdoor climbing wall, warming hut and canteen that will provide more opportunities for families and children of all ages to play.

“Well, the coolest thing about receiving this grant, is that Co-op clearly believes in this project, as we do! We had $0 to our project’s name! Co-op took a chance on this amazing opportunity and showed they believe in it, and we will NOT disappoint.

A Toboggan run has been all talk in our community for over a decade. Co-op Community Spaces IS the reason we will make it a reality!

The Parkland Region has a developing reputation as an outdoor recreation mecca. Co-op Community Spaces has a major hand in supporting that notion, by contributing to the Toboggan Run and being a major sponsor of the nearby Northgate Trails.

Keeping this a secret for two months has been so difficult! I just want to share with our community how blessed we are to be recipients of this major donation and inform them of the exciting recreation opportunity that is coming their way!

This is a prestigious grant and being awarded two Co-op Community Spaces grants in two years, is a testament to the fact that we’re a big Co-op community,” said Stacey Penner, Toboggan Run Project Lead pictured below.

Co-op Community Spaces has been developed to help protect, beautify and improve spaces across Western Canada. As our community beings to re-open after the COVID-19 pandemic, we are reminded of the value these projects bring in connecting and improving our communities.

“We are so excited to partner with Dauphin Recreation Services through the Co-op Community Spaces program. The last 15 months have been very challenging, and it’s such an honor for our Co-op to contribute to creating a space for residents to safely come back together” explained Lorne Eiffert, General Manager, Dauphin Co-op.

“Investing in our community is central to our Co-op. It brings our Vision to life – to enrich the life of our communities. Partnering with community groups on important projects like this is a natural fit. We are creating beautiful spaces for our community to enjoy now and for years to come. Dauphin Co-op is so proud to be a part of bringing this project to reality. Together we are improving the places we meet, play, learn and share.”

Mayor Allen Dowhan stated, " This is a great day in Dauphin. Co-op has been a great community supporter, always giving back to the community, whether it's the Bike Trails, the Theatre or the CUP plus many, many more. Thank you, Co-op."

In 2021, the program is providing $1 million to 15 communities projects across Western Canada. Since 2015, Co-op has supported 147 projects with $10.5 million in capital funding.

The giving program is administered by Federated Co-operatives Limited on behalf of more than 160 independent retail co-operatives across Western Canada that form the Co-operative Retailing System.

For more information about Co-op Community Spaces or to view the complete list of 2021 funding recipients, visit

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