Canada's Ag Day 2018
February 13, 2018

Dauphin Co-op celebrates Canada's Ag Day with two local schools. A challenge was issued to local schools to submit a project on agriculture in our area - why it's important to us and the world and what role Co-ops have from the field to the table.

Ecole Laurier students made posters that we are proudly displaying in our Food Store. We paid a visit to Laurier School on Friday to treat them to a slideshow presentation with Guy Pinette, Agronomist at Ste Rose Agro, Jason Zurba, Ste Rose Home Centre Manager, and special guest speaker, local farmer and Mayor of Ste Rose, Rob Brunel. We presented on the diverse farming operations in our area, how it all starts with a seed, sun and nutrients, the stages of maturity, then off to market and around the world to help feed the population. We also discussed the importance of innovation and research to continuously improve production to continue to feed our growing population.

We had samples of nutrients and different seeds that the children could see up close. We wrapped it up with a hotdog lunch, juice and a special cake. We will be sponsoring a field trip to local producer, Keith Devries' Rocky Acres Dairy Farm next month to learn how a dairy operation runs.

Grade 3 students at Barker School in Dauphin made a mural that we are proudly displaying at our Food Store as well. We treated the students to the same presentation and lunch with Lyle Gouldsborough, Ag Division Manager, Stephen Bunka, Building Division Manager, and special guest speaker, local farmer and lawyer Jason Beyette.

Both schools were happy to step up to the challenge as it fit right in to the curriculum. We were pleased to see the fantastic projects the students worked so hard on. They were proud that we were putting them on display at the store. The students had lots of questions and insights during the presentation and really enjoyed the hands-on opportunity. They also appreciated the fresh baked hot dog buns and wonderful cake we provided.

We always look forward to opportunities like this to connect with schools, our members and the community. Thanks to the teachers, Kristina Pearson, at Ecole Laurier School and Donna Yaschyshyn at Barker School for working on these projects with their students as part of their curriculum and inviting us to their school to celebrate Canada's Ag Day.

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