Equity Days 2022
June 8, 2022

Dauphin Co-op is proud to announce $2.7 million in allocation including $1.7 million in cash-back to our member-owners thanks to another successful year in 2021.

“At Dauphin Co-op, our profits are your profits! Unlike many of our competitors, the revenues we make are returned to you, our member-owners, in the Parkland area. Profits don’t leave the province or country. It’s a Co-op thing! Our Vision “Enrich the Life of Our Communities” only comes to life through your continued support.

Your ongoing support has allowed us to invest in our Team Members (your neighbors) in facilities and equipment, in the communities we serve, and to allocate patronage and provide $1.7 million in cash back to our member-owners.

Over the past 5 years these investments have contributed $35,000 per day, $1,070,000 per month and $12,840,000 per year back into our communities! This investment betters the lives of our Team Members, you and your family and the communities we work and raise our families in.

Thank you again for your continued support as we look forward to another successful year in 2022.” stated Lorne Eiffert, General Manager, Dauphin Co-op.

“We are thrilled to finally be able to hold Equity Days and really look forward to celebrating in person with our Members.” said Joan Chetyrbok, Marketing and Community Relations Manager. “Over 6,500 equity cheques may be picked up during Equity Days, June 14-16. Please take in the charity BBQs held at the Dauphin Food Store and Ste Rose Home Centre.”
Holding Equity Days and Charity Bbqs aligns with our Mission Statement: We make a difference by building valued relationships with our Members, Team Members and communities one interaction at a time. Learn more about our community investments on our website.

Anyone wishing to become a member are invited to sign up as a member at any of our locations or visit our website to sign up online.

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