Long-Time Agro Team Member, Jim Higgins Wins an 80-second Shopping Spree
Working for Dauphin Co-op Has it's Perks!
January 31, 2020

Chances are, you know someone that works for Dauphin Co-op. You probably know several that have worked for Co-op a really long time. Our Team Members stick around for a variety of great reasons. One of those reasons is a great Social Club that organizes events and activities for Team Members and their families.

At the 2019 Christmas party, there were plenty of prizes up for grabs. When Jim Higgin's ticket was drawn he chose the 80-second Shopping Spree.

When Jim and Jackie arrived at the Food Store the day of the shopping spree, they checked out the location of everything they hoped to get. Jim raced straight to the Meat Department and filled his cart with more than $600 worth of meats! Jim and Jackie went home to pack their freezer! 

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