Dauphin Co-op Celebrates 80 Years With Member Stories
June 27, 2019

Celebrating 80 Years in the Community is so much sweeter when we hear how we have impacted the lives of our Members!

Brian Kostur was chosen to receive Dauphin's Countryfest Weekend passes for submitting the following:

What Dauphin Co-op Means to Us and Our Community

Delivers us NH3 and sends the floater right on time when we ask for it, even though we are 10 miles north of Ashville.
Always cheerful, helpful, smiling staff at the gas bar
Understands our farm and our farm business needs
Provides community volunteers, community donations, and most importantly employment opportunities for our community members
Hockey is an important part of our family life, and Dauphin Coop always sponsors and supports Hockey of all kinds in our community and other important causes
Increasing options and services in all departments of Dauphin Coop, is something we really appreciate
New, large, clean grocery store with great selection, sales, and hours of service that our busy family appreciates.
Customer appreciation evening in December is something that we all look forward to, appreciate, and enjoy. (Lyle is a great MC!)
Outstanding service
Opportunity to support a business that contributes back to our community
People; Dauphin Coop’s staff are the best

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