Congratulations, Team Member Graduates of 2021!
June 25, 2021

We are so proud of our Team Members that are graduating high school in 2021!

  • Karlee Ushkowski, Deli
  • Emma Gamache, Ste Rose Agro
  • Abigail Worrall, Ste Rose Home & Building
  • Jayden Erlendson, Ste Rose Home & Building
  • Ashton Bogoslowski, Mountain Road Gas Bar
  • Simone Houle, Grocery
  • Mya Kristjanson, Grocery
  • Layne Thompson, Grocery
  • Arrin Pederson, Main St Gas Bar
  • Faith Beardy, Main St Gas Bar
  • Owen McIvor, Main St Gas Bar
  • Trey Negrich, Main St Gas Bar
  • Steve Desroches, Administration, Bachelor of Commerce

We wish you continued success in your future and thank you for your time with Dauphin Co-op. We are so proud to be a part of your journey. We hope you've gained skills and knowledge that will help you in your lifetime.

When you work for Dauphin Co-op - you or your child may be eligible for a Dauphin Co-op Scholarship upon high school graduation.

We are so pleased to announce $1,000 scholarship has been awarded to Abby Worrall, Ste Rose Home Centre. Abby has graduated from Ste Rose School and is pursuing post-secondary education as a Primary Care Paramedic.

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